Mannaview Labradors

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                                                                About us

Mannaview Labradors is the product of many years of infatuation on my behalf. I have always loved the wonderful, friendly nature that is the Labrador. Growing up, my dad always had his faithful gun-dog  that was part of the family. Travel and a busy life-style meant that I really couldn't devote the time required to love a dog properly so my dreams were put on hold. When I settled down with a dairy farmer in the south-west of Victoria I realized that the stability I required was within reach and when my son asked for a "big black dog" for his birthday. I didn't hesitate to acquire "Peppa".

Peppa is a lovely dog, however, being a novice I purchased her from an ad in the newspaper. Over the next few years I realised what a mistake I had made. There was no follow up care instructions - so we fed her too much, let her jump and run way too much and generally did what most new puppy owners do. There was no indication as to what her breeding was and there had been no health checks done on her parents to my knowledge. Needless to say poor Peppa soon developed a limp and is now, regardless of how strict we are with her food, always classed as overweight.

I knew that there must be a better way. That was when I discovered the world of pedigree dogs. In this world parents have all the health checks. You are told what you should feed your puppy from the minute you pick them up. The temperament of a dog is very much a consideration before any mating occurs, the lineage of the puppy can be traced back many generations and a puppy is only sold to a house that can provide it the best.

It was the "better way" and I wanted to be part of it, so my journey began.

Thanks to my friends at Rodorbal Labradors, Polly "Bradorla Southern Nites" came to live with me. Polly was an absolute delight to own and her pedigree was outstanding. Polly gave us some lovely puppies before retiring to the comfort of a couch beside the Yarra with her new family.

Roxy came next and she was so worth the wait! An absolute darling girl with the sweetest nature, a strong retrieve drive and brains to boot! Temperament wise I had found the perfect girl. Many thanks must go to Linda and Kate (Rodorbal) for breeding such a wonderful girl.

Layla, one of Polly's pups now lives here with us and is an absolute delight to have around. So very easy to train, she adores everyone she meets and is such a smoocher!  

The name Mannaview came about one day when I was taking my girls on their daily romp around the farm ending with a swim in the dam. I was marveling at the magnificent white Manna gums scattered throughout the paddocks. Towering giants that have survived the ferocious flames of Ash Wednesday when very little else did. I realised it was a wonderful way of paying my respects to these gorgeous giants.

So that is the start of the journey - watch this space to see where it leads.

                                                           Breeding Philosophy

At Mannaview we breed for temperament and quality.


Our girls are only mated after a great deal of thought and planning. The selection of a sire requires not just looking at pedigrees but most importantly the temperament of both the sire himself and any off-spring he has already produced.


Hips and elbow scores must all meet the standard. DNA testing is done for PRCD (eyes) and EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse). Eyes are also checked yearly.


The puppies are part of our family from the time they are born. Spending at least the first 2 weeks living in our laundry before moving outside into the comfort of our puppy house, an enclosure where they have access to a grassed play area.


During their first 8 weeks of life they are exposed to daily household noises (washing machine, vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, etc), and much attention from children, cats and other dogs, they also go for drives in the car.


When puppies go to their new homes they are vaccinated once, micro-chipped, wormed, vet checked, registered with Dogs Vic., insured for 6 weeks and have a detailed "puppy pack".


Our "puppy information packs" that accompany all Mannaview Puppies to their new homes include information on feeding, training and exercising your puppy. Tips on helping puppy adjust to his new environment and house training and crate training.I also provide support to any Mannaview puppy owners for the life of the dog.


Enjoying a swim in the dam on our property

Running though the paddocks is so much fun!

Everyday our dogs get to swim, run and play on our property. Life as a dog is pretty good around here. We also have the stunning Great Ocean Road only 20 minutes away so beach visits are also scheduled regularly.

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