Mannaview Labradors

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Layla      -     Mannaview Southn Glory

Layla is one of our youngsters. A Polly (Bradorla Southern Nites) and Tiki (Blackhills Old Glory) daughter, Layla has many wonderful dogs in her pedigree. Most importantly though, Layla is an absolute sweet heart. I'm so happy with the way Layla is developing. I'm really looking forward to watching her grow.



Layla at 6 months

August 2013

Layla is now 18 months old and such a treasure! She has a lovely calm nature, happy to sit and wait for me. Training her has been a breeze, a more willing student would be hard to find. And her looks well - and i might be a little biased - but she is a real beauty. She is a little on the small side, compact and moves like a dream. I see a lot of her mum Polly in her but with her dad's good looks. Layla has definitely stolen my heart!






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